Stogie Press Top 2020 Cigars

Number 1 – Stallone Nicaragua Cigars Alazán Habano

It was a close race for the Alazán but in the final analysis, it eked out a win against some stiff competition in the field. As part of Stallone Nicaragua’s inaugural line of cigars known as the “Cowboy Series”, the Alazán Habano is an aesthetically pleasing and well constructed cigar that performed flawlessly with a balanced array of flavors and aromas from foot to nub. With an MSRP of $6.80 this is certainly a cigar you should buy a box of and enjoy the pleasure filled journey it offers. Stallone Nicaragua Cigars owner, Tony Barrios should be proud of the work he accomplished, I am looking for what is next to come from the small company. I would also like to note, if I had an award for the best newcomer to the industry this year, it would be Stallone Nicaragua Cigars.

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